Financial Aid Network (FAN)


FAN assists current and prospective college students to secure their financial aid funds they are entitled, by providing a wide range of financial aid products and services. We pride ourselves with outstanding customer service and the integrity of our company.

FAN was created to provide our families with direction for their future! As you and your family initiate the process of seeking higher education, there are so many things to consider. With the combination of rising tuition and stressful economic times, cost of education and financial aid are probably a high priority on your list. Our team of experienced College Professionals knows that preparing a student for college requires a family effort and a financial commitment. FAN has over 100 years of combined experience in the Higher Education Industry, which has allowed our College Education Consultants to recognize that families need guidance with planning for college and completing the admissions and financial aid application process. We know first-hand the challenges that students and families face in getting into their dream college and getting the maximum financial aid to attend that college, having witnessed first-hand so many times, students who were not able to attend the college of their dreams due to lack of college preparation and funds.

The key to a successful college acceptance is planning and early preparation. Waiting until your student is in their senior year of high school will lead to college planning that turns into a “college nightmare”. Studies now show that colleges are screening prospective students as early as their freshman year in High School.

Make no mistake, college admissions and college funding is an extensive process. Gaining admissions into most colleges and obtaining grants, scholarships and loans MUST be completed accurately and on time to increase your chances of getting into your dream college with the right financial aid package. Filling out the College Applications, FAFSA, CSS Profile, and other applications, can be time-consuming and overwhelming. There is a lot of false and misleading information that often confuses those families who try to tackle the process on their own.

At FAN, we have a team of experienced college planners, college education consultants, and financial aid professionals that specialize in helping families secure the right college with all the financial aid that they are entitled. Our team will dispel the common college planning myths and help you understand how private ‘big ticket’ universities can cost you less. We will also help you avoid the most common financial aid traps that could wind up costing you thousands of dollars out-of- pocket.

Thanks for your time and interest in FAN We invite you to contact us today so that we can discuss how we can help you guarantee your college-bound success.

Our experienced staff work thoroughly with each and every client to ensure that every student is given that opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams to attend college.

FAN Financial Aid Consultants will:

  • Save you the hassle of filling out applications and forms.
  • Ensure you meet all financial aid deadlines.
  • Help you in your search for scholarships and loans.
  • Ensure you receive the maximize aid you qualify for.
  • Guide you step-by-step through the financial aid process.
  • Save you time and money by helping you receive financial aid.
  • Help determine your eligibility.
  • Determine if you are receiving a fair financial aid offer.
  • Offer brochures and booklets on financial aid.
  • Provide an estimate of your expected family contribution.
  • Assist in financial aid appeals.