College Preparation Process

  • Preparing-for-collegeAre you overwhelmed by the volume of information out there on colleges?
  • Here at Financial Aid Network, we prepare you for a competitive Admissions Environment!
  • We assist you though the entire college preparation process to find schools that match your area of interest. Do you like communications, business, and psychology? Find schools that specialize in what you love to do.
  • We perform multiple ongoing interviews in comfortable setting where students are able to discuss:
    • College assessment and college selection process
    • Identify majors that will lead to successful career goals
    • Provide you with interview preparation as needed
  • We will show you proven strategies to increase your chances for college admissions.
  • Any college you apply to will want an official copy of your academic transcript. Give your college registrar’s office at least 3 weeks to process your request for a transcript. Most colleges will request your high school to send the official transcript directly to the college’s admission’s office.
  • Most colleges will also want a copy of your ACT or SAT scores. As with your official transcript, leave enough time for your request to be processed.
  • In addition, many colleges want recommendations. They will ask for recommendation letters from high school teachers, mentors, coaches, etc…
  • We provide a personalized “one on one” service to our students and families, to ensure students are guided in the right direction. We educate you on the right steps to take!

Filling out your college admission application is a process. This process can also be time- consuming. We at FAN are ready and willing to help you with this process.