College Preparation

Taking the First Steps towards a New Chapter

Preparing-for-collegePreparing, assessing and selecting the best school for you and being financially prepared are a few of the most important factors that will help pave the way through the college process. See below to learn more about preparing, assessing and applying to the college that perfectly fits your needs.

  • SAT/ACT Preparation – We prepare you for one of the most important aspects towards your college application, which is, to achieve the best scores you can on the SAT/ACT Test!
  • College Preparation- FAN prepares you for a competitive Admissions Environment!
  • Financial Aid Services –We show you how to maximize your financial aid awards and minimize your out of pocket expenses!
  • Scholarships – FAN provides scholarships recommendations, essay reviews and support.
  • International Students- Our ultimate goal is to identify colleges that are a “good fit” on all levels and assist with creating a winning application package that optimizes the opportunities for admission and future academic achievements here in the United States!
  • Student Default Services – With just a few steps, FAN can show you how to take control of your Student Loan debts!