International Students

Financial Aid for International Students and Non-US Residents

Financial-aid-for-international-studentsFor a majority of individuals, American citizens or not, college is an expensive venture to finance. As an international student, you will be required to prove in advance that you are able to afford the cost of education in the United States. This must be proved in order to receive your visa to study in the United States. Most international students will be on the hunt for some forms of financial aid.

The cost of college can reach up to $40,000+ a year. Often times little financial aid is available for foreign students. Perhaps, with the exception of Canadian and Mexican students. A majority of aid is awarded as grants, scholarships, and loans come through public and private sources that restrict their awards to United States Citizens. You may also notice, that a majority of colleges and universities offer tuition at a less expensive rate for residents of that particular state. However, this does not mean your goals of pursuing a United States education are over.

Here are a few tips to help make the possibility of studying in the United States a much more likely possibility:

  1. Colleges and Universities offering International Student Aid. Inquire to the financial aid office of the schools you will be applying for. Most U.S. schools offer little aid to foreign students, but some do offer scholarships and other programs to help defray the costs of college for foreign students. Some schools offer grants, loans, and jobs to foreign students. Be sure to seek out all the available scholarship opportunities on your own. Some schools are often seeking a population which is culturally, economically, socially, and geographically diverse. Graduate students may have more luck with financial aid. This is because graduate and teaching assistantships are offered on the basis of academic achievement, regardless of citizenship.
  2. International Scholarships. While a majority of scholarships offered in the United States, require U.S. citizenship, not all do, there are so many scholarships that are available to international students who plan to attend college in the United States. Our staff here at FAN can assist you with this process!
  3. International Student loans- Our staff will assist you with finding the right student loan to help cover the cost of your college educational expenses. Not only is this service for foreign students, but U.S. students who wish to study abroad may also benefit from this service.