SAT/ACT Preparation

Getting the Right Help at the Right Time

SAT-ACT-Consulting-Practice-TestsThere are limited amount of spaces available each year for some of the major universities, so preparation is the key and remember to apply early. The earlier you apply the better the chances are to secure multiple acceptances and allow yourself the opportunity to choose the best college for you, with the right SAT/ACT scores. Preparing for the SAT/ACT test ahead of time will increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice. You can attend your DREAM COLLEGE!

Junior Year of High School

  • Register for the SAT. This can be done during your senior year, but it’s never too early to take the SAT, get started at least in your junior year. Seek additional help, which will help you achieve a satisfactory grade on the exam. Allow yourself plenty of time to get any additional help you may need and re-take the test. (Our staff here at FAN can help you!).
  • Summer before Your Senior Year (June – Aug)
  • Register to take the SAT tests if you have not already done so. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve the best scores on your tests!

The category that each school falls under will depend on the average acceptance rate, SAT scores, high school GPAs, and other evaluation criteria. Remember, applications are evaluated subjectively. You never know when you just might make the cut.

Essays and Letters of Recommendation

Getting good grades in high school and high SAT scores are great! But colleges often want more! Essays and letters of recommendation are your chance to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Make those applications shine by perfecting your SAT/ACT scores, essays and letters of recommendation.